If you mastered all our tutorials and their requirements, it is time to try out a high-end setup.

Required skills

  • Command Center Upgrades IV
  • Customs Code Expertise IV (highly recommended)


  • Build a factory colony. Use market research to select a profitable configuration.

The Generic Factory Colony


  • 20 Advanced Industry Facilities
  • 1 High-Tech Production Plant (these can only be built on Barren and Temperate planets!)
  • 2 Launchpads
  • 1 Storage Facility

This one is a versatile beast, and a very hungry one! 20 Advanced processors aligned to 10 convenient strings of 2 processors each allow you to process nearly anything from P1 upwards. You can either use all 20 processors to make P2 from P1 or P3 from P2 or from P1. Since it has a single High-Tech factory as well, you can also put in P1 materials and process them straight to P4! (this works only for Organic Mortar Applicators, Nano-Factories and Sterile Conduits).

If you modify the colony slightly by replacing a few Advanced processors by High-Tech factories, you can produce any P4 from P2 or P3.

Depending on the market conditions, one single factory colony can generate a profit of well over 100 mISK per month, in extreme cases even twice or three times as much!

Check out our market overview section to find out more about current opportunities.

Note though that mere processing of goods is very sensitive to the tax rate. To take full advantage of the setup, ensure that you have a low tax rate (8% or less if possible). Check out our tax offers.

Note: Refilling the colony in this configuration is a bit tricky. The P3 factories are connected to the storage facility, as well as 4 P2 factories (say, 4x Fertilizer). Import all Proteins, Bacteria and Reactive Metals to a launchpad, then look which one it was. Then you know what belongs into the second launchpad (e.g. Industrial Fibers, Biofuels and half of the Plasmoids/Water because 4xPolytextiles and 2 Superconductor Factories are connected to that one). Third, you use expedited transfer to move all stuff from the first launchpad to the storage facility. Last, you import the remaining stuff to the first launchpad that is now free.


  • huge profit
  • by reconfiguring the colony you can quickly react to the market and profit even more


  • more time consuming than an extractor colony, needs a hauler trip for each refill
  • requires market analysis to use. If you fail here badly, you can in fact end up with losses instead of profit!
  • requires capital to start