Now it is time to put the new knowledge to use and colonize your first planet.

Required skills

  • Remote Sensing I
  • Command Center Upgrades III
  • Planetology II


  • Build a colony that extracts a single ressource and processes it to P1 materials. Experiment with different extraction programs.

The P1-Extractor


  • 2 Extractor Control Units with in sum 15 Extractor Heads
  • 3 Basic Industry Facilities
  • 1 Launchpad

The most basic setup for extracting. Just harvest one ressource and turn it into P1. Export, profit.

When selecting the product, you should take material abundance into account and not just select the P1 product with the highest market price. Maybe there is something else that is worth a bit less, but you can extract greater amounts of the raw material!

The exact number of extractor heads and basic facilities will depend on your skills (the Setup described here is for perfect skills). Remember that one basic facility can process 6000 units of a P0 material per hour.

A good P1 extractor colony on a 3-day-program generates about 20 mISK per month in HiSec.


  • minimum attention needed, almost passive income
  • can never generate losses
  • can be restarted remotely


  • profit varies with ressource quality
  • other players can deplete ressources