Before you start building colonies, you should have a rough idea about what Planetary Interaction (PI) is and where to find answers to all of your questions that may arise during the process. There is a lot of excellent ressources available that cover these basics, be it in text form or as video tutorials - so we won't try to copy them.

But we will recommend two particularly good and useful ones.

Required skills

No requirements! But you should start training the following skills while you read this tutorial…

  • Remote Sensing I
  • Command Center Upgrades III
  • Planetology II


  • Get an overview over the PI interface from EVE University.
  • Learn about the PI production chains on

What is Planetary Interaction?

Planetary Interaction means you set up colonies on planets. These colonies harvest ressources from the planets and/or process ressources into commodities.

PI is not very time consuming and the skill point requirements are fairly low. This combination makes PI a good secondary profession for both beginners and experienced pilots. With good skills it is possible to earn several hundred million ISK per month. The colonies can run unattended for several days, so PI is an excellent source of afk income. In fact, it is so good that many players use spare character slots or even additional accounts to have more colonies (colonies are limited to 6 per character).

Web resources

While there is not such a thing as a comprehensive EVE manual, there are myriads of player websites that will answer all your questions.

Regarding PI, you should definitely bookmark these: